Friday Jet Fuel #6

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Friday #Jetfuel Blog Link Up

Welcome to the Friday Jet Fuel post on Money Propeller! Things are always happening in internet land and this is your chance to discover even more. To ensure that you’re coming along for the ride with Money Propeller, sign up for our monthly newsletter, that features a recap of our highlights for the month, and the site earnings (or losses!) and traffic stats.

Do you like the new picture? Alicia from Financial Diffraction suggested that the last one didn’t really jive with the branding. That was a few weeks ago.  Last weekend, I finally got around to taking another look, and this is what I came up with.  I think it matches a lot better!

A Random Fact about Aviation

A Boeing 747 has six million parts!

Brought to you by Baltic Aviation Academy

What We Talked About This Week

On Monday, Anne’s post Modern Day Needs, Which Really Aren’t, generated some controversy.

Tuesday we welcomed our first Passenger on the Jet Setter Manifest, an interview with Janine.  Stay tuned for lots more of these!

On Wednesday, Michelle helped us through living on a tight budget with 5 Ways to Live Frugally Without Becoming a Social Outcast.

Other Blogs we Read

and maybe you should read them too:

2 Copper Coins – Jon and Krista are a young couple following their passion.

A Gai Shan Life – Revanche is a beautiful writer!

Action Economics – Economics is in the title, therefore, I love it.

A Young Pro – Nick is a young’un, gunning for a great financial future.

Add-Vodka – I have been reading Daisy’s site for years and years. She’s a tiny bit younger than me and it’s fun to see her do the same things as me, and her take and experiences.

Carnivals and Mentions

We got a shout out from Frugal in Florida this week. Jan keeps it real and shares both her frugal and less-than-frugal decisions each week, as well as other posts.


A Pretty Thing on Amazon

What good is money if we can’t do anything with it? Here’s something pretty that you could buy with your money.
I love ramekins, and have all sorts of them. They’re great for dips, individual pot pies, and whatever it’s called when you poach eggs in cream. I call them delicious, but I’m quite confident that’s not it.

Le Creuset Stoneware Set of 4 Stackable Ramekins, 7-Ounce, Marseille

Your Turn: Linky Party!

What is a Linky Party? It’s a tool that lets you link up your posts, and check out other people’s posts. Friday Jetfuel features a linky party that is open (accepting links) for one week, Friday to Friday, each week. Make sure to come back and link up each week!

This is basically a no-rules linky! Posts generally have to be related to money. The end.

(I do reserve the right to remove stuff, at my discretion.) If you do link up, we would appreciate a link back to us, so that more people can find the linky and discover all of the great information that is out there. Also, go check out other people’s links and comments. No one wins if no one gets clicks!

Featured Post: Last week, Alicia from Financial Diffraction reached a milestone – she paid off another one of her debts! She wrote about it in her post Credit Card 2 is GONE!  Congratulations!


How to Link Up Click on the “Click here to enter” below. It will ask you for a URL that goes directly to the post ( NOT, the title you want to use, an email address, and a photo. It gives you the option to select one of the pictures that is already on the post (and then crop it to 160×160), upload an image, or use a placeholder image.

That’s it! All you really need to do is copy and paste your URL in, and type a few things.

Once you’ve entered, please visit a few of the other links and comment on some posts!

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