Friday Jet Fuel #5

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Friday Jetfuel 1

Welcome to the Friday Jet Fuel post on Money Propeller! Things are always happening in internet land and this is your chance to discover even more. To ensure that you’re coming along for the ride with Money Propeller, sign up for our monthly newsletter, that features a recap of our highlights for the month, and how much Money Propeller earned (ahem, or lost).

A Random Fact about Aviation

Airplanes stay in the air thanks to Bernoulli’s principle. Anne is simplifying things greatly here, but the basic idea is that as air moves over the front of the wing quickly, there is a drop in pressure that pulls the lower part of the wing up. 

Brought to you by Wikipedia

What We Talked About This Week

Are you a landlord? Here are some crucial questions to ask a potential tenant, written by Anne.

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On Wednesday, Josh gave us tips on How to Avoid 4 Common Financial Mistakes at the Beach.

What Other People Talked About

Cat is a hustler, that’s for sure.  She launched her freelance writer coaching program, bought a blog, freelances, writes her own blog, is launching yet another blog.  Oh, and she has 4 month old twins!

Blonde and Balanced gave us a shout out, yay! She covered a deep topic this week, that gives a reason to pause and think about our relationships, in her post The One Thing I Never Say to My Boyfriend.  I recommend it.

DINKS finance also gave us a shout out this week, thank you so much! I am a DINK, too.  (Double Income, No Kids)  Kristina transitioned jobs this year and shares 3 Tips to help win people over at your new job. I kind of disagree with all of them… what are your thoughts?

A Pretty Thing on Amazon

What good is money if we can’t do anything with it? Here’s something pretty that you could buy with your money.

Apparently salt blocks for grilling are all the rage. Who knew? That’s about all I know about them, I’m going to have to look into it sometime.

Himalayan Salt Tile 12x8x2 weighing over16 Lbs Gourmet FDA for Grilling Cooking Serving FDA Gourmet Organic and Pure

Money Thought of the Week

Stop yourself from spending money, just once, this week. I bet you can live without it and not be too much worse off as a result.

Your Turn: Linky Party!

What is a Linky Party? It’s a tool that lets you link up your posts, and check out other people’s posts. Friday Jetfuel features a linky party that is open (accepting links) for one week, Friday to Friday, each week. Make sure to come back and link up each week!

This is basically a no-rules linky! Posts generally have to be related to money. The end.

(I do reserve the right to remove stuff, at my discretion.) If you do link up, we would appreciate a link back to us, so that more people can find the linky and discover all of the great information that is out there. Also, go check out other people’s links and comments. No one wins if no one gets clicks!

Featured Post: Last week, Mianchi’s Habits of Rich People that Make Them Richer post received the most clicks.  Mianchi is new around here and blogs at



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That’s it! All you really need to do is copy and paste your URL in, and type a few things.

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