Friday Jet Fuel #4

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Welcome to the Friday Jet Fuel post on Money Propeller! Things are always happening in internet land and this is your chance to discover even more. To ensure that you’re coming along for the ride with Money Propeller, sign up for our monthly newsletter, that features a recap of our highlights for the month, (and discloses all the juicy details of Money Propeller’s earnings and blog stats!).

I’m in! Of course I want to be Jet Set!

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A Random Fact about Aviation


Aerodynamics is the study of the dynamics of air, it’s a subset of fluid dynamics, because air is fluid and moves around and interacts with objects.

Brought to you by Wikipedia

What We Talked About This Week

University life and adult life are different, Anne covered 7 Things You Need to Buy When You Graduate University.

Along the same lines, Save.Spend.Splurge has been hooking new grads up with some fashion sense, covering New Graduate Office Wardrobe Staples for Men (last week she covered Women).

Posts You Ought to Read

 J. Money has been kickin’ it lately (as always), finding lost money and telling you how you can too!  Plus, he reviewed his insurance coverage for some major dollar savings.

Have you ever been interested in becoming a freelance writer but have no clue where to start?  Cat is launching a Become a Paid Freelance Blogger Coaching Program. She really knows her stuff, so I can basically guarantee you that it will be worth your while to sign up, and I haven’t even seen the content.  She’s just that good.

Carnivals and Mentions

Sarah, over at Life Comma Etc. gave Money Propeller a shout out for being brand new, yay!  I absolutely love reading Sarah’s blog because she runs in totally different circles online than I do and is constantly introducing me to completely new things as a result.  You should check it out.

A Pretty Thing on Amazon

What good is money if we can’t do anything with it? Here’s something pretty that you could buy with your money. This is a fold-flat colander, that comes in a bunch of funky colours. Space saving? Awesome! Colanders take up sooooo much space. This would be perfect for a camper or trailer, or that tiny apartment downtown.  I like the blue one best.   Squish Colander, 4-Quart 

Your Turn: Linky Party!

What is a Linky Party? It’s a tool that lets you link up your posts, and check out other people’s posts.  Friday Jetfuel features a linky party that is open (accepting links) for one week, Friday to Friday, each week. Make sure to come back and link up each week!

This is basically a no-rules linky! Posts generally have to be related to money.  The end.

(I do reserve the right to remove stuff, at my discretion.) If you do link up, we would appreciate a link back to us, so that more people can find the linky and discover all of the great information that is out there. Also, go check out other people’s links and comments. No one wins if no one gets clicks!

Featured Post: Last week, Amanda’s post Our $5 Trip to the ER was the most popular.  (Spoiler alert: everything is okay, but was pretty icky for awhile.) triptotheER


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