Blog Earnings and Stats – July

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Blog Earnings and Stats July 2014

Money Propeller is my second blog, and a bit of an experiment in online hustling. Currently, I am experimenting with a “spend money to make money” approach and let’s just say that the spending is happening in spades, thus far.

I’m going to be totally transparent with blog stats and how much this adventure has cost me (and eventually, how much revenue I am bringing in).  This month’s revenue won’t buy me a good cup of coffee.  Maybe, just maybe, I can get a few coffee beans? Or, I will be able to eventually, when I actually get the money.

Here’s the catch – the juicy details on my blog earnings and stats for July are all in the newsletter. Let your voyeuristic tendencies soar, by signing up.  Beautiful graphs of all sorts can be yours for the mocking, in just a few days.


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Anne dreams of financial independence and is working her way towards it, whilst still enjoying life. She has a penchant for gift giving, which got her started with her first blog, Unique Gifter. She also loves money (who doesn't?) and needed an outlet to discuss it. Her likes? Seafood, figure skating, road cycling and skater shoes.


  1. So I signed up for this, but I never received a confirmation email from mailchimp. Though, I might have typed my email in wrong?
    Alicia recently posted…Credit Card 2 is GONE!My Profile

  2. How else can blogs earn some income? Everyone says ads and when it comes to ads everyone goes to Adsense de facto. There are other ad networks out there that pay CPM as well such as which is the Yahoo! ad network. In any case, the mantra of “don’t quit your day job” resonates as ad dollars take a lot of traffic to generate something meaningful.
    DivHut recently posted…Benefits Of Dividend InvestingMy Profile

  3. OK, I’ve signed up chicka! Now I love that the google ads I’m seeing are for Tim Horton’s coffee. Is that because you referred to coffee in your post? :-D
    debt debs recently posted…Monkey Butt: The Power of NowMy Profile

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