Avoid These 4 Most Common Financial Mistakes at the Beach

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Avoid These 4 Most Common Financial Mistakes at the Beach

It’s summer time and that means oodles of people are on the way to the nearest beach. There are good times aplenty, but getting there and having a blast can be expensive!

Before you grab your bags and sunscreen then hit the door, here are the 4 most common financial mistakes that people make at the beach– and how you can avoid them.

Get There Comfortably

One of the biggest financial mistakes that people make on a beach vacation happens before they ever get there! If people have more than one car, and one of them is larger, people tend to take their larger care because they believe that it will be more comfortable.

While that is probably true, the cost of the additional gas that it takes to get to the beach may not be worth the price.

So take the smallest car that you have that everyone going on the trip can fit into. It will save you gas money.

Dine Out

It is tempting to dine out for all or most meals at the beach, but the convenience is not worth the cost.

Not only are beach restaurants expensive, but recognizable franchises frequently charge more for items that you recognize – simply because of their location at a tourist location.

A final consideration when it comes to dining out is the effect that dining out has on a person’s health.

Eating at fast food restaurants or beach restaurants that serve delicious-though-unhealthy meals weakens the immune system.

So even if a person decide that it is worth the price to purchase food at the beach, they should also consider the medical bills, costs of medicine, and the time they might need to take off from work to recover.

A great alternative to dining out is purchasing fresh groceries from a local store and cooking them in your hotel, if there is a kitchen. If not, purchase items that do not need to be cooked.

Stay Beachside

People frequently decide that they should stay beachside, because the whole purpose of the trip is to visit the beach.

The financial repercussions of this can be huge.

Hotels are more expensive on the beach than similar or even nicer hotels that are further from the beach.

This is because the real estate on the beach is most desirable, so many hotels do not need to update their premises to stay competitive; they stay competitive simply by sitting where they are.

Avoid the high costs of beachside hotels by staying further from the beach, stay in a place that is more affordable, and possibly newer.

An added bonus to staying away from the beach is that there is less stress, as areas are less crowded at all times, but especially late into the night.

Buy Souvenirs

Instead of hitting the ubiquitous tourist shops to collect souvenirs, here are some ways that you can take home mementos without shelling out your hard earned money.

When you are on the beach, pick up shells. This is a great idea because the shells that you take home are meaningful because you found them. Also, the act of hunting for them can be fun.

Instead of purchasing paintings or pictures, use your phone or camera to take pictures. Or better yet, draw what you see or do, or write about your experiences.

So when a person heads to the beach, they should save money by making sure that they take their most reasonable car, purchase fresh groceries from a local grocery store, stay away from the beach, and find or create their own souvenirs.

What is your favorite way to save money at the beach?


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  1. I like to find parking on the street nearby so I can avoid paying a few bucks in parking fees.
    Edwin @ Cash Syndrome recently posted…8 Ways I Hack Amazon And Save Big BucksMy Profile

  2. I stay at a hostel-that’s at least within walking distance of the beach. I very rarely purchase souvenirs, I’d rather spend money on experiences or food. I also bring food/picnics when I’m at the beach.
    Michelle recently posted…I’m Over Your Economic PessimismMy Profile

  3. Food is usually our biggest expense when we go to the beach. We’ve gotten much better at buying our food from the grocery store and not eating out, especially ice cream. We buy a 1/2 gallon from the store for $2.50, rather than spending $10 a day from boardwalk shops. It really makes a difference!
    Lauren recently posted…What Would You Do for $50,000?My Profile

    • Good for you! I know the corner-store thing where my parents live does a brisk trade in ice cream, on the beach. Way to be on top of it, though. I am a sucker who ends up springing for the $8 a cone (I swear it’s that expensive now) version.

  4. I would add to that that picnicking on the beach is really nice! Don’t forget all the necessary items like sunscreen and water, which can add up if you forget them at home.
    Tonya@Budget and the Beach recently posted…How Tonya Attempted To Get Her Groove BackMy Profile

  5. I’m a souvenir buyer, too! I love hotels that have kitchens, though. Or at least a mini fridge and microwave! My favorite way to save is to go the weekend before Memorial Day in the US. Everyone’s getting all ramped up for tourist season, the weather is beautiful, but the prices are still off-season.
    femmefrugality recently posted…Combating the Disproportionate Rise of Textbook PricesMy Profile

  6. One trip we went on to Florida there were the most gorgeous pink shells at the beach. I collected lots and made crafts for my staff members for Christmas. Kinda tacky but it was the thought behind it. I didn’t care what they did with them afterwards even if it was the trash.
    debt debs recently posted…25 Year Anniversary – What’s in a number?My Profile

  7. I’m guilty of buying souvenirs. It’s just so hard to say no for me when they come up to me and ask. It’s almost like I feel bad!
    Michelle recently posted…The Worst Money Advice I’ve Ever HeardMy Profile

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