Make your year Remarkable - and what it's like to launch a kickstarter

Make Your Year Remarkable (+ What It’s Like to Launch a Kickstarter)

  Today I have an interview with Kathleen, of various online hustling fame.  She is behind Frugal Portland, For Profit Blogging, Stacking Benjamins and several other projects.  I am in love with her latest project, and I bet you will be too, called The Remarkable Year, which is currently live on Kickstarter. Tell us the […]

Jet Set Your Life

I finally made money in April! Here are the blog earnings and stats for Money Propeller, and the lessons that I learned this month.

I Finally Made Money in April – Money Propeller’s Blog Earnings and Stats

Oh, you want to read last month’s first?  Here’s all of the blog earnings posts. Boarding Announcements Money Propeller is my second blog, Unique Gifter is my first. My goal with it is to straight up make some money, while sharing what I believe is valuable information on all things money. With the goal of earning […]

Your friend is why your car insurance costs so much. Do you know anyone who is an accident waiting to happen? Here's why that matters.

Your Friend is Why Your Car Insurance Costs So Much

Hey there.  Did you know that it’s Car Care Month? Cars cost a lot of money, and the personal finance blogosphere has a whole lot to say on the subject of cars, that’s for sure.  Let’s ignore the cost of cars, themselves, okay? Do you know anyone that makes you pause, just for a moment, […]

Friday JetFuel Blog Link Up and Week Recap - Join us!

Friday Jet Fuel #43

  Welcome to the Friday Jet Fuel post on Money Propeller! Things are always happening in internet land and this is your chance to discover even more. To ensure that you’re coming along for the ride with Money Propeller, sign up for our monthly newsletter, that features a recap of our highlights for the month […]