Here's a snapshot of how healthcare works in Canada, in a real, day to day way. I've always been so curious!

Some Quick Notes on How Healthcare Works in Canada

I just spent a bit of time submitting medical receipts to my insurance coverage, which of course got me thinking about the cost of healthcare in Canada. That also reminded me that, despite its prevalence in the first world, it is a thing of great mystery to many, and it works quite differently in many […]

Jet Set Your Life

Friday JetFuel Blog Link Up and Week Recap - Join us!

Friday #JetFuel – June 19/15

  Happy Friday everyone! It feels a lot like summer vacation mode around work these days for me.  Does it feel the same way for you?  We also have several people who are retiring in the next few weeks, so they are coasting and wrapping up all their work, too.  I am pretty stoked to […]

3 Reasons Being Rich Sucks - everything has downsides, right?

3 Reasons Being Rich Sucks

If I had a million dollars, everything would be awesome! Right? Well… maybe not. It turns out that being wealthy can be expensive. After spending a lot of time and effort becoming wealthy, many millionaires and billionaires discover that it can be a lot harder to hold on to their money than they ever would […]

An Income Boost! Blog earnings and stats for May, and the lessons I learned along the way.

An Income Boost – Blog Earnings and Stats for May 2015

Oh, you want to read last month’s first?  Here’s all of the blog earnings posts. Boarding Announcements Money Propeller is my second blog, Unique Gifter is my first. My goal with it is to straight up make some money, while sharing what I believe is valuable information on all things money. With the goal of earning […]