Pinterest, Money and People to follow

Personal Finance on Pinterest (and People to Follow!)

  Ah Pinterest... a place where we can stare at other people's "perfect" lives and lust after things for sale.  And drool.  Drool over amazing meals. That's what Pinterest seems like to me, most of the time, anyway.  However, it doesn't have to be. Enter: Personal Finance Bloggers on Pinterest.  You can also add in a whole host of Mommy bloggers, too.  There are pins galore on frugal meal ideas, how to pay off debt, saving for a house, Jet Setter Interviews (*cough*), financial independence... and travel.  PF'ers seem to have a thing for travel. To help you avoid Keeping Up with the Joneses Syndrome, if only a little bit, I've pulled together a great group of Pinterest … [Read More...]