7 Luxuries I'd Have to Give Up If Things Went South

7 Luxuries I’d Have to Give Up if Things Went South

I live a pretty darn privileged life, in both senses of the word.  Let’s focus on the financial privilege for a moment, shall we?  The Frugalwoods wrote an excellent piece about privilege, if you have a few minutes to go read. I’m not sure about you, but my spending habits have changed as I’ve aged. […]

Jet Set Your Life

10 Side Hustles I've Way - Ways I've made extra money and you can too!

10 Side Hustles I’ve Had

Ahh, the side hustle.  The doted upon darling of the personal finance sphere. The income diversifier. The de-risking maneuver. The debt payer. The dream achiever. The stay at home parent budget balancer. What would you call your side hustle?  For me, it’s a way to build skills, connect with others, and pick up a few […]

Life and Financial To Dos - What is on your financial to-do list these days?

Life and Financial To-Dos

I’m back from vacation and there is a building list of to-dos in my life. Do you ever feel that way? I am hoping that if I write them all down, you folks will provide me with the motivation and accountability to get them all (even some?) done. A decent number of them fall into […]

What I Learned About City Life Financials While Traveling

What I Learned About City Life Financials While Traveling

Oh, hi there long lost internet friends.  Isn’t summer glorious? I have been very much unplugged.  In fact, I just spent two and a half weeks on vacation. That said, I came back to a crisis situation at work, which has made life interesting.  Unfortunately, my spouse is going through an unrelated, but also extremely […]